07-13 6 years of fun

After a long and at time crazy 6 years the end for hiphopforfree.com is here. Its not one big thing but many small things that have lead me to make the decision to close down the site. The main reason is i just don’t have time or the love for posting anymore. I started the site when i was 21 thinking i was going to be the next nasper lol, but then kept it up cause i liked have a lil internet foot print. But as i got older i became more of a delay task then something i liked doing. On top of that its so hard to find hosting for a site like this, pricing was just getting to be to much..

I just want  to thanks all the people that visited the site daily and kept it alive.

I also want to thank the team malik you have  been there from day one, my #2 with out you i would have closed the site a while ago thanks bro it was fun..

stat i remember when you joined the team from a chat box user to one of the baddest posters i have ever meet thanks bro!!

throwback i have know you the longest from the T I days thanks for helping me out bro.

And last as i have  got older i have moved away from just looking for a site to downloading  music to wanting a good convo and i found that on http://rapnation.net/forum/  for the users that are looking for great music you can find that on http://rapnation.net/forum/ but for the rest that are looking for more like i was its there to. I been on that site for a while and will be there for the foreseeable future  join the site to continue finding the best music on the net..

thanks everyone mike….


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